[Press Release] Development and publication of the zebrafish brain gene expression database

Dr Towako Hiraki-Kajiyama(Assistant professor at Graduate School of Life Science, Tohoku University, former researcher at RIKEN CBS) and Yoshihiro Yoshihara (TL at Riken CBS) et al. with Drs Hiroya Itoga and Shuichi Onami established the database for scanned data of brain sections of zebrafish.

The database uses SSBD (https://ssbd.riken.jp/) and OMERO (https://openmicroscopy.org) as infrastructures.The database and anatomical findings will contribute to future neuroscience research using zebrafish.

Learn more about the study on Press Release from RIKEN. (In Japanese only)


Hiraki-Kajiyama, T., Miyasaka, N., Ando, R., Wakisaka, N., Itoga, H., Onami, H. I. S., & Yoshihara, Y. (2024). An atlas and database of neuropeptide gene expression in the adult zebrafish forebrain. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 532, e25619. https://doi.org/10.1002/cne.25619