Dr Onami in RIKEN NEWS

Our TL Dr Onami and his research on data sharing in life sciences were featured in RIKEN NEWS which covers researchers at the forefront of their research fields.

You can read the article on RIKEN’s website. (Only in Japanese.)

Seeking Data Annotator

We are currently looking for a data annotator as either a full time or part-time worker.

This position’s main role is data annotation in SSBD, such as selecting data from papers in life science research, extracting their metadata, requesting other laboratories inside/ outside the RIKEN to provide their research data, and registering them into SSBD.

The successful candidate must be able to understand papers in English as well as have excellent writing skills in Japanese.

Job Descriptions are posted on the RIKEN’s official website. (In Japanese only)

Technical Staff: テクニカルスタッフ募集(DD2101)

Research Part-timer: 研究パートタイマー募集(DD2102)

If you are interested in the position, please contact Dr Onami in advance of your application.

We look forward to your application!

Improvement in image quality via the pseudo confocal effect in multidirectional digital scanned laser light-sheet microscopy

Our TL Onami and DR Kaneshiro (Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging, RIKEN BDR) et al. proposed a new pseudo confocal system that combines multiline scanning for light-sheet illumination combined and simple image construction.  By further combining our method with multidirectional digital scanned laser light-sheet microscopy (mDSLM), we demonstrated improvement of image quality in biological samples.


Texture-Based Screening to Identify Genes Involved in Reproductive Aging in C. elegans

Dr Momoko Imakubo et al.’s study on analysis of genes involved in reproductive aging in C. elegans oocytes by using an image database of RNAi embryos and image processing has been published online at https://doi.org/10.17706/ijbbb.2021.11.3.40-49.

Congratulations to our former student trainee Momoko Imakubo who earned her PhD from Kobe University in March 2021 on her achievement. We wish you all the best in your future endeavour!

[For Students] Join BDR Lecture Program.

Our TL is going to hold a talk session in the BDR Lecture Programs in August. Graduate students outside the joined graduate universities of BDR can join and have a chance to talk with PIs directly.

If you are interested in the program, register at the BDR website by June 12.

Details and lectures will be given in Japanese but English is available in the talk session.