[Registration open] foundingGIDE community event 2024 and BioImage Hackathon

We are exciting to announce the foudingGIDE first community event in Okazaki and first technical event, the BioImage Hackathon in Kobe. We look forward your participation.

foundingGIDE community event 2024

A key step towards creating a global image data ecosystem is to connect the community. We invite you to the first foundingGIDE community event that will bring together various stakeholders from the global imaging data community to Okazaki, Japan.

foundingGIDE BioImage Hackathon

Join us for an exciting 4 days where we will work together with experts on imaging ontologies and metadata. The event will focus on practical next steps to make these key components of image data management useful to scientists and software developers. There will be a limited number of selected participants.