AJACS12 Registration is Open

Our team leader Dr Shuichi Onami is giving a lecture titled “BioImaging database” at the AJACS online 12 on August 25, hosted by JST-NBDC.

This workshop is aimed to educate how to use databases and tools in life sciences as well as introduce activities for databases integration.

AJACS online 12

  • Date and Time: August 25, 2022 13:30~15:50
  • Venue: Online
    • Meeting URL will be announced to participants.
  • Fees: Free
  • Host:  Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
  • Registration required at the workshop website.

For more details, please go to the AJCS online 12 website (in Japanese only):


We look forward you to joining the workshop!

RIKEN Hackathon FY2019 – TIFF image ROI contours written to BDML/BD5 format using Galaxy workflow

SSBD team attended the RIKEN Hackathon FY2019 and developed a software tool in Python that allows the ROI contours of a TIFF image to be saved into BDML/BD5 format using Galaxy workflow. The tool can be used separately from Galaxy.


* BDML/BD5 is an open format based on XML and HDF5 for representing quantitative biological data with spatiotemporal dynamical information. ref: Kyoda K, et al. (2015) Bioinformatics, 31(7): 1044-52. https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btu767